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Own Who You Are is the first workbook of the Compete Well Brain Training series. It is specifically focused on helping you, the performer, develop fundamental routines to maintain and build confidence, joy, and pride in your performance.

Spearheaded by Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Amanda Ferranti, she has teamed up with a coach, an educator, and a school counselor to create this foundations workbook. Sport Psychology forms the framework that drives the strategic activities within these pages, which have been systematically laid out in order to foster a growth mindset, strengthen self-esteem, and ultimately enhance your performance outcomes.


About Ferranti Empowerment

Ferranti Empowerment is a company led by Amanda Ferranti, who is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, licensed Soccer Coach, and former professional soccer player. An advocate of mental skills training from personal experiences, Amanda understands the importance of emotional management and uses her innovation and unique knowledge-base specifically for youth populations. Amanda is a Certified Consultant by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and continually contributes to the growing literature on mental skills training and performance enhancement.


Mental Skills Consulting

We believe that the teachings of sport psychology can offer tangible, effective ways to develop emotional management skills, achieve your goals, and experience confidence and satisfaction in the process. There are multiple services offered by Ferranti Empowerment with the ultimate objective to help clients achieve their individual, team, or organizational goals.  Such services can be conducted on-site or via Skype.

Take Control & Achieve Your Goal

Who It's For

​Ferranti Empowerment works with committed individuals, teams, and organizations with a dream goal — in both a sport and professional development environment.

How it Works

​Ferranti Empowerment uses the knowledge of sport psychology to employ creative and systematic strategies for performance consistency and enjoyment.

Why Ferranti

Amanda Ferranti is a graduate of Princeton University and draws upon years of experience as a national level athlete, licensed coach, and Certified Consultant.

Integrated Soccer Training

One of the most unique features at Ferranti Empowerment is our ability to offer integrated soccer training, which is a comprehensive on-field program that aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of a player’s decision making. Amanda developed and tested integrated soccer training with her expertise as a player, coach, and certified mental performance consultant, and has made this service available to individuals, small groups, and soccer organizations.

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